Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am just a few days away from moving into my new studio, so the excitement level is pretty high. As I begin to pack up the cramped mess I currently occupy, I stumbled across these "test prints" that I created earlier this summer. They functioned more like working sketches than actual test prints, as the final piece was a 4' x 8' screenprinted collage of imagery and techniques. The 'final' piece was an editorial illustration of Elvis, John Wayne, Bruce Lee and Evel Knievel...the test prints above, on (***gasp***) 18" x 24" newsprint, were used to work out color and image compositions as well as test/empty screens. Of the thirty or so test prints, I consider 5 or 6 of them 'strong' enough to be finished pieces in their own right, despite the ragged edges, pinholes and non-archival paper.

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kevint said...

those are awesome. in response to the non-archivalness, and in (im)mortal the words of william joel "only the good die young."