Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since moving to Los Angeles four years ago, I have been without a real studio workspace. That has been tough and I have been making do with a converted garage the past two years, but it's been very cramped and limiting. Now, after months of searching and negotiating, I am finally closing a deal on a new studio space (just in the nick of time, too, with 4 upcoming group shows in the next 3 months). It will become the nerve center for all my creative endeavors, functioning as both my commercial design office and my fine art studio. There's still a lot of preparation work to do before I am completely operational, but expect to see a public, open studio event later this fall.


submit said...

Congrats Jason, the space looks sweeeeeet! Loooking forward to seeing it when you're up and running.

ket said...

radical. we're back from berlin, so let's catch up soon!