Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Copper Diptych, 20" x 20", toned silver gelatin prints, push pins, 1993-94. 

Violet Square, 20" x 20", toned silver gelatin print, push pins, 1993-94.

These pieces are slightly older than 'Bleached Rectangles', during a time when I was still making most of my own toners from scratch and intentionally dinging the prints. These were also some of my first square-format, single sheeters. It was always amazing to see how the toned prints oxidized and began to develop an actual patina upon the metal. The surfaces of these things look like 19th century Daguerreotypes or wet plate collodion prints.

Somehow, both of these pieces managed to sell back in 1995. Two of the three sales TOTAL I had that year...

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