Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Deathbowl to Downtown made it's west coast premiere at the Directors Guild of America (Thank you to the DGA for hosting us) here in Los Angeles last night. Directors Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols (editor Noah Goldsmith, too!) were on hand to talk to the press as well as the audience. The last rough cut that I had seen dated back to late April and the film has come a long way since then. Jocko Weyland did a great job on the script/story, Chloe Sevigny's narration was actually pretty decent and some of the rare footage of Gonz (one of my all time favorites) was amazing. It was great to see a thorough mix of young and old, east coast/west coast skateboarders in the audience, from Lizard King to Andy Kessler, Felix Arguelles to Lance Mountain. It was also encouraging to see Fuel TV on hand (with my poster design as the press backdrop) conducting a few interviews. 

Again, many thanks to Bud, Charno and Goldie for allowing me to participate in their project. Congrats, guys; "LABOR DAY 2008 AND JUST FINISHING THIS THING!!"

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