Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here's a selection from my most mature, cohesive and comprehensive body of work, which I refer to as Nonrepresentational Photographs. I started making them in the summer of 1992 and have continued them in various forms ever since...formally speaking, they are all conventional photographic materials (light sensitive enlarging papers/films) that have been exposed to light in some manner (sometimes controlled, sometimes arbitrary) and then fixed/recorded/processed in conventional photographic chemistry. No camera is used, no negative is produced, no image is present. They are completely devoid of any representational imagery (hence, the title). The finished works are typically collaged/assembled and combined into some sort of overall installation. Of course, the running joke in art school was that I was the 'photo major who didn't use a camera'.

Bleached Rectangles, above, is 90 silver gelatin prints and push pins, measuring 72" x 100", and was created in the summer of 1995, shortly after acquiring my first, real art studio (on west Congress St. in downtown Savannah, GA). This particular piece was some sort of 'breakthrough' for me and served as a keystone to a whole related series of subsequent works. 

I am starting the process of digitizing/archiving my slide portfolios of this work, so I image I will be sharing selections here as needed to break the monotonous procedure...

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