Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Drafting up artist statements still remains a painful procedure; despite years of practice, it never seems to get any easier. A good statement should be short and concise; give the viewer enough introductory information to set them along a worthwhile path. Don't make it a doctoral thesis; it will bore them. Besides, the work should be able to speak for itself. Hopefully, my newest statement is close to the target...

"Depsite working with a wide variety of media and techniques, JRF always allows a concept to guide the final aesthetic. Repetitive and minimal forms are typically used to disguise much more complex content lying just beyond the surface. The Drip Paintings are indicative of the artist's tendency to playfully challenge preconceptions of how a painting should function."

Information for the upcoming exhibit in Berlin, Diverse Chorus, is now up on the venue's website, Neurotitan Gallery. The show opens September 19th, 2008 and continues until October 11, 2008. I have 4 new Drip Paintings in the show, each 10" x 10" x 3", and a detail of one is shown above.

Also, thanks to all of you around the world (and elsewhere) that have been checking out my blog from time to time; I appreciate it and is part of what makes blogging fun.

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