Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By The Sword Fall 2010

Mike Vallely and I have just released the very first catalog for our joint start-up, By The Sword. Mike wrote an intro for the catalog:

Conceptually "By The Sword" is an idea that I think all skateboarders can relate to. The act of skateboarding is always a trial by fire, a ritual act that no matter what one's skill level is, tests us every time we ride. It's the actual act of riding that separates us physically and mentally from the pedestrians (non-skaters) and sets us apart. It's not sport and it's not art, it's skateboarding. And to me it is a sacred act, a sacred culture and not just some industry of supply and demand where products are just churned out and have no soul. If skaters are just consumers, and skateboarding is just some pastime and our motivation is only fame and fortune and we move as a herd, we miss the point entirely. WIth the best intentions I have gone far into the fog to try and shine some light but that time is over, it's done. I'm now standing back where I started with a clean slate and it feels good.

This first offering of By The Sword product is the beginning of a new season in my life and in my skateboarding where I am certain of the point and where my fingerprint touches everything we do as a brand. This is me, this is skateboarding and this is who we are at our very best, as skaters... By The Sword.

----Mike V.

It's a humble (small) collection, consisting of six board graphics, four tees and a handful of screenprinted posters and stickers. Needless to say, it's been a long and difficult process. there were moments that I felt like it would never materialize; but now it's done and it out here, circulating on the web.

Mike and I are both very proud of it and hope it does well enough (commercially) to grow and prosper for years to support us and go buy our stuff.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Care The Most

I was recently commissioned by Eric Hirshberg to help him realize his vision in executing a unique, large format serigraph. His copy, "Care The Most", embodies his working philosophy as a Creative Director. His willingness to wield the 60" squeegee during the creation of these oversized, hand-pulled prints attests to that...Thanks Eric.

"Care The Most" signed and numbered by Eric Hirshberg, 2010, edition of 1 (2 AP's, 1 PP), 44" x 60" on hand-deckled 582# Somerset, 100% cotton rag