Monday, September 22, 2008


If you 'dislike' the Drip Paintings, then I am sure the Action Drawings will further irritate you. Obviously, the titles of both series are tongue in cheek references to the 'great' modern American masters.

I think that there IS a conceptual connection between these Action Drawings, the Drip Paintings and the Nonrepresentational Photographs; they are all speak to/of/from the inherent syntax of the materials from which they are made. Certainly, each work questions the preconceived function of  the respective medium; instead of being presented with a trompe l'oeil mirror or a window, the viewer sees a seemingly informationless, flat, physical object/plane. 

( And yes, I know I have posted this time lapse link before, but this time I wanted to embed it to make it easier to find/reference. And yes, it IS stupid to draw with a dumb hat on your head, so don't do it!)

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