Saturday, August 23, 2008


I love music, just like many of you. I have my fair share of recorded music (and it shames me to say this), but about 80% of it is digital. I don't own a CD player anymore, I don't own a turntable and I think the only cassette player I own resides in the dashboard my car...BUT, this doesn't mean I don't understand or respect that part of the population who are FANATIC about collecting the always-controversial medium of vinyl... 

Sean Dunne has directed an amazing short about the 'World's Largest Record Collection' and it's passionate proprietor, Paul Mawhinney. (You can learn more about Mawhinney's collection on his website). Thanks to Dunne for making that film and sharing an incredible story.

(And thanks to Aaron/DDC for originally posting this link.)

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