Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Speaking of zines, another project that I busted out this summer was a 20 year anniversary reissue of 'Streetscribe'. This was a zine that I used to create and publish with my close friend and fellow artist, Kevin Earl Taylor, in Charleston, SC. We managed to make four separate issues over the course of 3 years, I think. At the time, I just happened to have darkroom access at my high school which allowed us a lot of freedom in terms of printing our own photos. I also adopted my parents' old typewriter and my dad's office had a photocopier, so we were pretty much in business. Kevin and I really had a blast doing this thing and I am proud to say that I have been (unknowingly) involved in the DIY culture before it became a marketing buzz word...
'Where do I get a copy?' you ask. 
Well, I only made a few copies (after all, each zine featured a limited edition, silkscreened cover). Some went to s skatepark-fundraiser in Philly earlier this summer and a few more were sent out to a similar event in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the organizers of the events haven't been keeping me too updated on the progress/status of their respective causes. So, to answer your question, "I don't know."

(Dig the quasi-psychedelic-Fillmore-wanna-be-made-without-a-reference-hand-drawn-at-age-16 Streetscribe logotype).

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