Monday, August 11, 2008


I like putting my own 'tongue in cheek' as much as possible. I find it therapeutic; it replaces some of the stress and confusion in life with a little humor. Last year, some ' group/movement/antithesis/anti-artist' was getting a whole lot of press for waging a public war (primarily in NYC) on 'established' street artists. I found the entire episode rather amusing, especially the reaction of the 'established' street artist, many of whom ironically fell victim to 'vandalism'. In true post modern fashion, some of the 'targeted' street artists fantasized about plotting their own brand of revenge, a la mass marketing/commodification of said 'anti-artists'. I think it would of worked, to a degree, and this prototype was going to be my contribution from the sidelines,  a 'limited edition' commemorative 'Homage de Splasher' tote. 

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Matthew said...

I would love to get a messenger bag like that!