Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, another blurb about 'Deathbowl to Downtown'. 

In addition to getting to design this graphic/poster/print to help promote the latest Nichols/Charnoski doc, I got hooked up with Steve Rodriguez, above, at 5BORO in NYC. (I see that 5BORO is sponsoring a contest at the famous Brooklyn Banks next week!) Steve helped me push my '2 deck set' concept all the way through the approval process and to the production line. About 50 of these were made, and they're individually numbered on the topside. (I am still waiting to receive my pair! BOOHOO!). The 'Deathbowl' deck uses more of an early 80's shape, while the 'Downtown' uses a contemporary shape; that was Charno's idea, I think. Anyway, this is the first time I have ever done a 'mass produced' skateboard graphic for a skate company. Thanks, guys.

I jacked this photo from somebody else's blog, but that's Jeff Pang and Jocko Weyland with the D2D decks at the NYC premiere in May. Jocko wrote the story/narrative/script and does a few cool 'zines of his own, too.

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