Friday, August 15, 2008


Continuing the theme of all time rock and roll-oriented lists, I would put John Lydon's Public Image Limited mark near the top of my 'Logo List'. It's black, simple...classic. Wait, I mean, it's round, simple...classic. (It even makes an appearance in Chronicle's recent book, Band ID). I even feel the whole concept of PiL seemed to be a bit (ironcially) of an extension of the whole McLaren/Westwood/Seditionaries philosophy. And this interview is classic, difficult/stand-off-ish John Lydon...(yes, another late-night tobacco Tom Snyder clip). Some of the early PiL album packaging was really brilliant as well.

Anyway, above is yet another one-off bootleg T in progress, circa 2003. I had been wanting a PiL shirt since the first time I saw the logo in a 1986 high school hallway. An X-acto knife and a can of fluorescent pink spray paint later, I was happy, even IF fifteen years late. (Boy, I really miss that regulation-sized, 3/4" slate work table.)

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