Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been on some sort of unprecedented silkscreen-printing bender for the past few months; printing on wood, metal, cardboard, cotton, newsprint, etc. I suppose part of the reason is that I have figured out how to rip my own films and expose my own screens using pretty simple methods, which makes the whole technique more accessible. Another reason may be that my last 'professional' experience with the medium dates back to 1992, when I worked briefly as a screenprinter, printing all kinds of banal and retarded commercial crap. Because of that experience, I was curious to know/learn what I could do with more creative/aesthetic freedom...
Above are greyscale details of a pretty labor-and research-intensive commercial/editorial illustration I recently completed; 48" x 96" on wood panel. (The assigned subject matter was Evel Knievel, Elvis, Bruce Lee and John Wayne. There are about 40 different films/screens used with about 25 different colors in the final piece). 

(oh yeah, the title 'Tennis Elbow' refers the sensation that lingers after making a few hundred one-armed squeegee pulls with a 22" blade.)

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