Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yes, more 'Deathbowl to Downtown', dammit! 

I proofed the production D2D 'zine at the printer today...I originally wanted to have the 1:1 scale, mechanical, master paste up just laid down directly onto the photocopier, just like the pre-digital days. Simple, right? (Plus you end up with that great, degenerated visual syntax.) Unfortunately, that's just too much work for people these days, so the master paste up got scanned and the outputted from digital files. Or maybe I should have spent 8 more hours of my own time inhaling toner at the local 'FedSux/Stinkos', and making copies....anyway, everything looked good, so I signed off on the proof.

800 (!!??) copies will be ready next week; hopefully I will have a few extra to flow to other skateboarders around the world. 

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