Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...but I'll take it.

I guess the Bad Brains are out on an east coast tour at the moment, which is hard to believe, given the tumoultous, 30-year history of the band. Regardless, an old friend recently created/illustrated this poster and sent it to me (Thanks, Shepard). It's based off of some pretty historic 1982 CBGB's photos shot by Glen E. Friedman. Miraculously, it's also signed by every original member of the 'Brains, too; HR, Doc, Daryl and Earl. It now rests proudly on display above my reference library. And I like I have mentioned before, I would prefer to 'remember' the Bad Brains like this.


Scott Blake said...

We are printing all the Bad Brains tour merch at my day job. We have got the Lightning Bolt Capital design on 9 different garments including black shirts, yellow shirts, rasta tye-dye shirts, hoodies, and posters.
Impact Merch

JRF said...

Cool....jack some of that crap and send it to me!