Friday, October 10, 2008


No updates for the past week!? Hopefully, some of you have been wondering what the hell the hold up is.

My new art and design studio is the 'hold up'. 

Finalizing work flow patterns and blueprints, framing and hanging artwork, running electrical conduit and installing light fixutres, rolling out fresh paint, fabricating and assembling furniture, framing walls and installing sheetrock, taking new business meetings, organizing the reference library and making endless trips to the local hardware store. And shooting plenty of in progress photos.

It's coming together and I am happy.


justin said...

baller hardware?

ket said...

can't wait to set up a "meeting".

Aunt Carol said...

I see your Dad in your updates.
Aunt Carol

Courtney said...

It doesn't look like you need no stinkin' architect!

giginucci said...

i would shop at baller hardware just cus the name is so great. but they are also super helpful too