Thursday, October 23, 2008


They say that designers are only as good as their reference material. If that's the case, then I suppose it's an asset that I enjoy hunting/gathering books. I am certainly of the opinion that one will never run 'out' of ideas, provided you keep plenty of these types of materials at hand. They always prove useful in generating inspiration of some sort. Please leet me know if you see anything in the photos above that strikes you as amusing, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy.


Larry said...

Pic #2 = top notch.

mikep said...

Great to see all the reference books! Is the book to the left of the "Savannah Slamma" VHS "Streetscribe Issue #3"? The spine looks like the deck you did for the Grind 2.0 show... which luckily will soon be mine!

JRF said...

MikeP- Good eyes...yes, those are indeed a few 20th anniversary reissue copies of Streetscribe #3. And yes, I used the same screens to print the covers of those as I did for the Grind 2.0 deck that was auctioned off.