Saturday, October 4, 2008


Zak Cochran and The Rabbit Hole Gallery in Atlanta, GA, have organized and will be hosting The Grind 2.0  show on October 10, 2008. Over 50 different artists have created and donated one-off skateboards decks to help raise money for the Swift Cantrell Skate Park. Notable participants include skate graphics icon, Jim Phillips; living skateboard legend, Steve Caballero; and Brooklyn-based duo, Morning Breath, among many others.

I am a grateful participant in this show as well. I created a 20 year anniversary piece to commemorate Streetscribe, the skateboarding zine that I co-edited/co-published with close friend, Kevin E. Taylor in the mid/late 1980's. My entry comprises a screenprinted and collaged deck featuring imagery from Streetscribe Issue #3 Summer 1988, and was actually set-up and ridden by yours truly prior to display.

The auction for all entries is now LIVE and will continue until October 9, 2008. 

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