Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sagmeister for BMW CULTURE

Stefan Sagmeister is easily one of the most interesting and conceptual designers working today. Thankfully, BMW is aware of this and recently commissioned him to create the limited edition CULTURE monograph.
The internationally celebrated graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has created the design of the publication CULTURE, a book describing the BMW Group's international cultural commitment. The limited edition of 1488 hand-signed copies, which are not available for sale, is based on an unconventional concept: CULTURE also features an integrated, remote-controlled car, a book that can be driven around. As a whole, the numerical arrangement of all book covers would make a square measuring 7 x 7 metres depicting a graphically abstracted image of the legendary BMW "four cylinder" building - the company headquarters in Munich built by Karl Schwanzer in 1972 - from a bird's eye view. Consequently, each book cover becomes a fragmented, unique specimen.
Notice the parting shot as the book suspiciously rolls away under it's own power...

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