Friday, April 22, 2011

DC Initials Campaign

Late last year, DC Shoes and skateboarder/director Steve Berra (The Berrics) brought me in to assist/consult with some set design for the DC Shoes Initials Campaign spots. We shot each session on the backlot of California Skateparks, where Joe Ciaglia and his always ready-and-willing crew built each of the obstacles (in between constructing courses for the Street League). It was great to work with Berra, all of the crew and skaters and everyone else I met on set.

Unfortunately, the largest of the all of the collaged and wheat pasted murals that I designed and executed, (which was a loose, visual timeline of the entire DC Shoes brand), didn't make it into any of the final segments.

And for the record, watching Chris Cole skate was nothing less than jaw-dropping. He was a true professional, silently putting forth any effort necessary to yield the best possible takes. Below are the rest of the finished spots featuring Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, and Evan Smith.

Thanks: Steve Berra, Tim Dowlin and everyone else at the Berrics; each of the skateboarders we worked with; Mike Hersey, Stephen Lynd and all of production artists; thanks to Tobin Yelland at DC Shoes and Joe Ciaglia at California Skateparks. We all put in some long hours to make these spots come to life.

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