Thursday, April 21, 2011

JRF x Morgan Spurlock x The Greatest Stencil Ever Made

Last year, I got a phone call from director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) who was in search of some assistance for his latest project, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. He quickly pitched the concept of the doc (a film about advertising and product placement that was entirely underwritten by advertising and product placement) and needed few tips on the whole self promotion/guerilla marketing tactic schtick. I obliged with a pro bono illustration and a stencil, as well as a brief tutorial on the dangers and dissemination of such materials. Spurlock and his production crew also spent a few hours in my studio documenting and discussing the process, from which a few seconds are shown in the final cut of the film.

Another artist than lent their creative services to the project include the super-talented, master adbuster, Ron English, who created an intentionally crass Last Supper. English is prominently featured in the end credits as The Greatest Living Artist, much to the delight of the audience I was in.

Thanks Morgan and congrats on an entertaining and provocative film!!!

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