Thursday, May 7, 2009


...making some adjustments to the store 'inventory' and getting some of the newest works up. Of course, they're all for sale.

These are testers from a recent set of studies into nonrepresentational (imageless) screenprints. Instead of using the medium (screenprinting) as a tool to mechanically and repeatably reproduce an edition of the same information/image, the medium (screenprinting) is being used to produce unique, individual, 1/1 editions. Also completely eliminated from the process  is intentionally regenerated/reproduced/represented imagery; there is no stencil, no film, no amberlith that has been transferred onto an emulsion-coated mesh of a stretched and framed screen. There are only the primary elements/tools present; the ink, the squeegee, the silkscreen and the substrate. 

Check this earlier post for a little more confusion/information.

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