Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am beginning a more, in-depth investigation of this imageless screenprint concept...of course, this concept isn't completely unfamiliar to me. I have previously deconstructed both form and content of other media (see Action Drawings, Drip Paintings, Nonrepresentational Photographs) using very similar conceptual rhetoric; Syntax as Subject. Example: ink forced through a tightly-stretched, synthetic mesh and deposited directly onto a substrate.  

And  this particular example, an opaque, black ink on inexpensive, and highly unarchival, newsprint. No defined, controlled or masked edges within each of the 19" x 25" sheets. And no print 'rejected' from the run, as each,  unique, 1/1 print is considered just as acceptable and valid as the next. 

When we start to see all of the things within our world as unique things (which, by definition, they ARE unique things; modern physics has proven that terrestrial matter cannot simultaneously occupy the same slices of time and space); we will begin to see that our world is a more beautiful and open place...

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