Wednesday, May 6, 2009


OK, now I am not quite sophistimocated enough to be an authentic type geek, BUT I would like to think I know skill when I see it. It's no secret that I am an absolute fanatic about nearly every aspect of House Industries product/services, but one of the guys who is responsible for their unique solutions is Ken Barber. I have witnessed first hand what this guy can freehand with a Sharpie and it's nothing short of amazing. His dedication to both research and craft shines through every project he tackles. There's a recent interview with Ken over at Type Theory that seems to reinforce my own editorial hyberbole.

If THAT wasn't enough, Ken also thumbs bass guitar AND vocals in the House Band. Featured on the accompanying Blaktur CD, is the instant classic, Suburban Curse. Dig the lyrics:

"I blow my allowance
On 'rare' 45s
And my pompous fanzine
That people despise

Over-privileged, bored and scared
Living dead suburban nightmare!

You had better watch your back
When you're in my cul-de-sac
'Cause that ain't no goin' back
If my mom's Volvo gets a scratch!

The life I live is so damn hard

It's always, "Take out the garbage and mow the yard!"
No respect: no one cares
After art school, I'm outta there!

Where is the passion 
I thought I had?
Then somehow it happened
I turned into my dad

So mind-numbingly rehearsed
This is my Suburban curse....Cursed."

You can also check out Ken Barber's blog at

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