Friday, May 1, 2009


There are definitely some strange characters in the neighborhood surrounding my Silver Lake studio. Probably the most fascinating (and annoying) is this old Armenian man who owns no less than FOUR totally ragged, dilapidated, American cars and trucks. And the thing that is so strange is not that he owns multiple, nearly useless cars, but that fact he only drives them when it's time to dodge the weekly street sweeping zones. Other than that, they just stay parked along the street. And in front of my studio. ARGH.

It's as if the public street is his self-styled, jalopy-storage lot....and this guy spends about half a day moving each one of wrecks, making sure the vehicle is exactly six inches away from the curb, etc. It's absolutely fascinating and hilarious for me to watch each week. SO hilarious that when I was recently working on some commercial illustrations for a children's book, I repurposed one of the characters, outfitted him in some house slippers, an oversized, slovenly shirt, and added a Dwayne Schneider-esque key ring to his pudgy fingers.

His actions are almost like a work of unintentional, post-modern, Ozero Sevan performance art. The shows run weekly: Wednesdays 12-2pm/Fridays 12-2pm on 1000 block Myra Avenue.

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