Monday, December 22, 2008


The first edition of SK843, 100 copies with a pink cover, is complete and now shipping. It's 25 pages of twenty year-old skateboarding action, including many rare and never before published snapshots. The 'zine also features a tear-out sticker sheet as the centerfold. 

I have to thank all the contributors; Shannon Horne Smith, Dolphin Kelley Spach, Heather Hopmann Hann, Mary Chris Garner, Emily Morgen, Kelly Lee, Chris McMurray, Jason Harrison, Brian McCaskill, Page Piner Meyer, Holmes Hiebert, Todd McGlynn,  Greg Ballinger, and Kevin E. Taylor. The 'zine debuts next weekend at the skateboard/social "reunion" in Charleston, and will soon be available for purchase at SK843. Many more people have also contributed photos but those may have to wait for Issue #2. ;)

Thanks to the sponsorship of Pour It Now, a 'Complimentary Edition' (100 additional copies with white covers), were also published. The 'zines will be available for free to visitors of the Columbia Museum of Art/Skate and Create exhibit next month.


Kelly said...

good job jason this is rad cant wait to hold it;)

JRF said...

Kelly- Since you're so close to Columbia, I expect you'll be able to go see the show at the CMA!? And you can pick up a complimentary copy of the 'zine when you're there, too.