Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I recently lost a skateboarding comrade in a tragic accident. Jason Roach was a local in Savannah, Georgia and we became fast friends when I moved there in 1989. Jason was a powerhouse skater; speed and determination always punctuated his very natural style. He and his chaotic cohort in crime, Adam Holden, were like a permanent fixture in my Oglethorpe House dorm room during those early years. We skated together all the time and at all hours of the day and night.

Thanks to Art Ottimo who recently edited and posted this vintage footy; shot by Gabor Stibinger in Fall of 1990. It features Jason Roach, Adam Holden, Jeff Dorsten, Jon Stovall, and myself (slappies at 1:17 and 4:08) barging a downtown Savannah parking garage. And this footage summarizes most of my skateboarding memories of Jason Roach. R.I.P., Jason.


Anonymous said...

hi my name is YUMMY i'm very thankful that the good Lord blessed me with such a person as Jason Allen Roach. That boy taught me how to love and be loved. Never afraid Never scared Never blind to anybody pain. My soul brother I truly miss you. I will stay strong for to march to war without a song is a man wrong. I will Jason sing your song in battle, Jason I will save your mother nature.
Thank you again Jason, forever locked together.
1331 will over come

Anonymous said...

yo awesome words to remember jason by this is heather roach his sister... thanks for posting this and by the way i couldnt figure out who this was? i would love to know email me donjuana00@hotmail.com or find me on facebook dude... miss him more everyday thanks man love heather roach

Larry Ruble said...

This thread is old and cold now. I just learned today that Jason passed away years ago. I knew Jason at school and through skating. He was a trip in the best sense of the word. He would try to snake everybody. There was never a line up when Jason was on deck. He went whenever he felt like it. I remember one time he decided to drop in on me and I kneed him in the stomach. I think it really hurt by his reaction. I shouldn't have done that but...skate sessions get heated some time. RIP Jason. Sorry for the hesh.