Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A full week without a post!? WOW...wait no longer, loyal readers.

I have been thrashing on a what started as a little pet project; editing, designing and laying out a new skate 'zine, SK843. The content is based upon skateboarding culture within South Carolina, and the first issue concentrates on the Charleston scene between 1983-1989. In addition to that, I have been also working on new supplemental graphics, readying new webpages, burning screens, printing posters, skateboards, t-shirts and starting to sketch out quasi-point-of-purchase displays. 

The SK843 'zine is already evolving something much more substantial, as I have been asked to include it, along with earlier Streetscribe publications, in the upcoming Skate and Create exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art. Organized by the good folks at Pour It Now, the exhibit is intended to showcase and communicate the positive impact of skateboarding and it's peripheral creative pursuits to the general public. Kevin Earl Taylor is the other artist included in CMA/Skate and Create, and considering that both Streetscribe and SK843 are both collaborative efforts spanning 20 years, it's an ideal showcase.

The first edition of the SK843 zine will be traveling to Charleston and Columbia, but there a second edition is already planned for a January release. I hope to have that 'zine, along with the 20 year anniversary Streetscribe 'zines, available for purchase online via either/both SK843.com and Create and Destroy.

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