Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am sure some of you illustration fanatics out there are already familiar with David Weidman...even if you're not familiar, you'll want to check out a new book that Ginko is publishing. I just received an early copy of The Whimsical Works of David Weidman, which covers more than 30 years of his fantastic work.  Here's the an excerpt from the 'official' press release...

The Whimsical Works of David Weidman (And Also Some Serious Ones) gives an overview of the iconic, witty, colorful style of this octogenarian artist. His graphic sensibility and expert use of saturated color palettes evoke the vintage modern look while remaining completely relevant to contemporary designers. This collection is a long overdue career retrospective of a true originator, who created the look of an era.

The book is due to hit the shelves in mid February. (And you have to dig his color seps. Nobody does 'em like that anymore!)

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