Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is the other portion of my contribution to the Skate and Create exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art; sixteen, site-specific Drip Paintings. I posted briefly about these a few weeks ago, when they had just been completed. I didn't go into detail about the nature of the color references, hoping instead that one of you readers would pick up on it. Nobody nailed it, but someone was close (Courtney!). (This also means my gift certificate for a bucket of spicy wings at Hooters will remain unclaimed).

The Drip Paintings for the CMA are a bit of a conceptual coup d'etat for me. I have never been interested in making this work reference anything other than itself, so when I made a conscious decision to change that intent, to make deliberate color choices, it was difficult. As a result, I became fascinated with the paradox of something appearing to be about one thing, but actually be about something totally different. Plus, I wanted the work to speak in a language vernacular to (my own projected stereotype of) a SC museum goer., starting with the uppermost left hand panel, SEC and ACC College Football teams, as ranked by the NCAA on the week of 12/09/08; Gators, Bama, UGA, GA Tech, Ole Miss, FSU, UNC, LSU, Clemson, USC, Wake Forest, Miami, VA Tech, Volunteers, UVA and Duke. (Go put that into your Fantasy Football pipe and smoke it!)

Do paintings that reference the fanaticism of southern college football make them any 'lesser' as works of art?


Courtney said...

Damn! I was close!

It was a difficult guess because I don't picture you as a college football fan, and was therefore projecting my own stereotype on you (as an artist, or maybe on the work) by only considering your nonrepresentational works you have shown on this blog.

It is an interesting paradox, and I think for someone who enjoys the work as simple paintings of drips and is also a college football fan, it would add more meaning to the piece.

JRF said...

i f*cking HATE college football. I am NOT a fact, I think it's totally ANTITHETICAL to what artists do, and especially to the theme of a skateboarding exhibit.....hence my fascination with the paradox.

Baurmann Gallery said...

I really like where you have taken this series!!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!