Saturday, January 10, 2009


"Root Division presents an exhibition of 30 artists exploring notions of vacated information. Highlighting the content of absence, these artists work with themes of censorship, value, memory, and loss.

Using techniques of erasure, displacement, cancellation and extraction, the act of taking out information often gives new meaning to what is left. Simplifying or abandoning material can highlight essential content, provide codification, or stand as a subversive gesture."

The exhibition, curated by Whitney Lynn, explores notions of vacated information. The opening reception is tonight, Saturday, January 10 from 7-10 pm. The exhibit runs until January 24th, 2009. Above is my contribution to the show, titled Ex Mero Motu. It is a nonrepresentational photograph measuring 60" x 60" and marks the first time I have shown any of these works on the west coast.

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