Saturday, January 5, 2013

JRF for Poster Child Prints 2013

The fine folks at Poster Child Prints recently invited me to concept and design another print edition for 2013. As usual, the subject matter, format and color palette was completely open and I chose to create a follow up the graphic theme of my 2009 release, Untitled (Borders Series). In extreme contrast to that four color print, which were precisely mixed by hand, the 2013 edition, Mono (Borders Series) is a simple one color print; black on white.

Whereas the film for the Untitled (Borders Series) was actually rubylith, hand-cut at 100% scale, the film for Mono (Border Series) was created digitally, using a coarse halftone screen to achieve the illusion of multiple densities.

The edition is limited to fifty pieces, each 18" x 24", and individually chopped, numbered and signed and will be released exclusively through Poster Child Prints on January 9, 2013.

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