Thursday, April 8, 2010

Public Image Limited

I ventured into the heart of Hollywood last night to catch the legendary PiL doing a free outdoor show for Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was their first concert in 15+ years, essentially 'warming up' for their upcoming gig at the Coachella Festival.

Although the musicians backing him (Jake Phelps is moonlighting on percussion?!) aren't part of the original line up, the band sounded great. It was a fantastic mix of traditional and synthetic instruments and their signature 80's 'new wave' sound was quite refreshing to my ears. Old man Johnny Lydon seemed much less irascible than expected, and his 'PiL voice' (that Jonesy despises so much) was heroic. The band performed Rise, This is Not a Love Song, Albatross, and Flowers of Romance, which was the unexpected highlight of the evening.

And for the record, the classic PiL logo is still as amazing as it was twenty five years ago...

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