Monday, April 19, 2010

PiL at Coachella

Although I didn't venture out to the logistical nightmare known as 'Coachella', PiL did and it appears they played a great 80 minute set. Cynicism aside however, I am really happy (and thankful) that I did venture out to Hollywood a few weeks ago when they played a 30 minute set in the parking lot of the Kimmel Show. (Besides being the first time I had ever seen them live, reliable reports from industry insiders that also attended the Kimmel Show performance state that this is undeniably the best incarnation of the band to date; Johnny and the guys were musically tight and full of passion).

Above is a clip from the live Coachella webcast, featuring the songs Public Image (one of my favorites) and Rise. Check out more at PiL's site here.

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