Friday, February 12, 2010


Above is a small preview of some of the new art and design I have created for tonight's event at 2Headed Horse. There is a lot of Dada and Seditionary influence in all of the work in addition to a healthy dose of a simple and direct, DIY attitude. Each silkscreened piece (every skateboard, every print, every poster, every shirt) is completely unique, 1/1. Prices range from $20 for testers on newsprint, to $30 for 18" x 24" posters, $50 for skateboards, and up to $100 for 24" x 36" art prints. Most tee shirts will be $10 and are printed on 100% reclaimed blanks from the local Goodwill store.

Doors open at 9 pm tonight (1770 Glendale Blvd), with DJ sets by Shepard Fairey; Mike Vallely/By The Sword doing their Black Flag tribute set at 10; and my work will be available all night long. Remaining prints will be posted at my online store later next week.

A big thank you to Obey Giant Art (including Shepard, Nic , Zee, Baby and the rest of the crew) for sharing their amazing facility and tolerating my antics. Also, thanks to Ted and Laban at 2Headed Horse, Mable Lee at LaLa Press, Larry Ransom at Mike V, Inc, Element Skateboards, Jonathan and crew at Fresh Pressed, and my wife, Camille.


Anonymous said...

Love those decks! Would love to see you put some of those up for sale on the site!

JRF said...

Thanks! I will probably be posting those soon at

so stay tuned....