Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JRF for Surf Chic/Heal The Bay

The folks at Angeleno Magazine recently invited me to participate in their upcoming fundraiser, Surf Chic, to benefit Heal The Bay. My assignment was to create a graphic and apply it to a donated surfboard. My contribution for the exhibit?


Taking inspiration from California Über Alles, the 1979 debut single by the Dead Kennedys, Environmental Über Alles is an intentionally ambiguous and rhetorical commentary on the pitfalls of environmental activism. As a global community, it's important for each of us to be aware of how our actions and choices impact the world around us. It's equally important to be certain that those actions and choices are also informed and responsible, and not conducted from the perspective of blind fanaticism. -JRF

The Surf Chic event happens this Wednesday, March 30th, and if you're interested in attending, you must RSVP to RSVPLA@ModernLuxury.com.

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