Monday, January 24, 2011

House Industries Trailer

I'm not secretive about my fan-boy enthusiasm of nearly every piece of work that exits the Yorklyn, Delaware offices of House Industries, and their new short reinforces such enthusiasm. From a myriad of pencil roughs, to hand-crafted screenprints and brushed-ink illustrations, not to mention the phenomenal collections of typography, this crew does it all with integrity, pride, care and a healthy dose of humor.

Cue up a kaleidoscope of House Industries techniques, substrates, disciplines and muscle memory compressed into high-definition pixels and actively matrixed through modulated electroluminescence with an audio lesson from The Bird and The Bee. Many thanks to Inara George and Greg Kurstin for loaning us their Polite Dance Song (under license from EMI). The House Industries trailer is directed by Andy Cruz and filmed by Carlos Alejandro.

A chin-strokey nod goes out to the entire House crew: Andy, Rich, Dodde, JD, Brian, Ken, Adam, Chris, Ben, Bonde, Carlos, Angelo, and everyone else over there.

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