Friday, July 16, 2010

Sound Advice JRF @ TWBE

Music is a HUGE part of my daily life. I tend to spend almost all of my waking hours working on creative art/design projects. This practice is typically done in alone and inside my humble studio. One luxury of this type of self-inflicted exile is being able to listen to music all day long, whatever I might feel like at any given point and any volume. Music often feeds inspiration to my adventurous imagination and can serve as a catalyst for developing new ideas.

For some unknown reason (??!!), somebody at The Worlds Best Ever thought it would be a good idea to have me submit my own playlist. So I pondered the invite for about 0.0009 seconds and started slamming my brain....

What to choose?
Which version?
Too obscure?
Do I even have that in digital form?
Only 15 songs? (DAMMIT)
You get the idea.

I am not a DJ of any sort, just a music fanatic. Instead of fretting to create an overconceptualized and coherent playlist, I just decided to pull tunes that have in my daily rotation the past few months.

Now go download it and enjoy. Below is what was strung together...

Sound Advice 61: JRF

01. Wasted by Black Flag
02. Question Authority by Drunk Injuns
03. Attitude by Bad Brains
04. Bloodstains by Agent Orange
05. The Ceiling by SNFU
06. Fix Me by Iggy Pop
07. Johnny Appleseed by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
08. To Hell With Poverty by Gang of Four
09. Bad Life by PIL
10. Alternative Ulster by Still Little Fingers
11. Paranoid Chant by Minutemen
12. What Gets Heard by Firehose
13. Shoot You In The Back by Motorhead
14. Police & Thieves by Junior Mervin
15. Know Your Rights by The Clash

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