Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Endless Tunes


Gross.....yeah, well, I guess that's what happens when you're buckled down and aren't getting out into the real world quite enough. Anyways, since I have been thrashing daily to meet all of my commercial deadlines, there has been an endless trickle of music running here in my makeshift office...and I am tired of pretty much ALL of the music jammed onto three different iPods.

-I have been giving the Pandora website a test drive, but I have already discovered it's irritating limits.

-I have also been giving my Fanatic buddy, JoelfromOhio, AKA The Daily Guru a few listens. Joel has a great blog happening, having just completed his epic 365 Albums posts last month. (Thumbs up on this one, too).

-But for my $$$, there is still no beating this site, Rollins Archive. Some dedicated super-Fanatics keep that stuff running...a big thank you goes to out those Fanatics, Engineer X and Henry for all the hours of good listening!

(Above is some sort of punk still life/sneak peek, nice and random)

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