Sunday, July 26, 2009


The 2009 US Open has concluded and as you can tell from the photos above, a few people turned out to watch the action. I was pretty excited to get this mural assignment from Hurley and pushed it as far as I could given the requirements and logistics of creating something like this on site. It was great to have the mural subject, Rob Machado, drop by at the end of the weekend to check out the mural and he seemed stoked on the results. I'd also like to thank Kika Madrigal, Jason Maloney and Adrian Nyman at Hurley, as well as Roger Gastman at RRock Enterprises, and the videographer, Alex Chu.

A few technical notes: the mural was executed on location, at the event, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; seawater was used to mix the wheatpaste for all of the collage. I also used seawater to mix the watercolor/dye washes as well as thinning/cleanup of the water based inks I used in all of the screenprints. The final dimension of the completed piece is 9' x 22' and is a combination of black and white photocopies, screenprints on colored paper, gesso, acrylic ink and chiffon. Several lengths of the semi-transparent chiffon, which we screenprinted upon, were glued only along the topmost edge, allowing the fabric to move and shift with the wind. 

Hurley documented the entire process and will be releasing a webisode, featuring a timelapse view of the work, start to finish, later this week.

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Caroline Ryder said...

Rob Machado looks like Jesus Christ! Good job