Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to admit, the novelty of finding long, lost friends via Facebook can be fun and surprising...

When I graduated from Wando High School in June of 1989, my family packed up and moved from Charleston, SC back to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I was born. It was a strange transition for me, because shortly after moving to Indy, I again moved back south, to Savannah, GA, to attend art school. Summers were spent in Indy, where I made friends with the locals there, who shared their spots and general good old buddy of mine from Indy recently got in touch with me via Facebook. He sent this link with tons of footage from the skate scene there in Indy and surrounding area. Most of it was shot in 1990, just before I launched off on a cross county skateboarding tour with some of the Virginia Beach Pool Service crew (Bobby Lake, Ron Seigel). Footage really highlights local Andrew Wood, aka Droopy, who was a real shredder. I miss Ian Davis too, who was always a blast to skate with. Great to see tons other forgotten faces/friends, too; Eric Bose, Chad Norman, Todd Hinchman, Mitch, Rob Stamm, Jerry Johnson, Jeb Stuart, Jon Schaub, Byron Kothe, Donnie Harper, Chauncey, and many more. 

And even much more to my surprise, I make a few curb appearances at 6:42 and 13:43. (Note the super wannabe-Tom-Knox dorky-grinding, curb tricks. EXPRESS YOURSELF!)

Also, there's some rare stuff in there of pros Sal Barbier, Brian Patch (then-local to IN), Rob Dyrdek, Mike Vallely, Ed Templeton...

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